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Friday, 30 March 2012

North Yorkshire Jane Doe Exhumed

It has been over 30 years since the body of an unidentified Jane Doe was discovered in North Yorkshire. Know as the Sutton Bank Body police have recently exhumed the body in hopes to create a DNA profile. It was very successful.

Police were alerted to the discovery by an anonymous tipster. an unknown man made contact with the Police and informed them of the location of the body. That caller has never come forward and Police are making a fresh appeal for this man to make contact.

White Female
Found deceased on August 28th 1981 in North Yorkshire, UK. It is estimated she died at least a year prior to the discovery of her Skeletal remains.
Estimated Age: 38-40
Estimated Height: 5"2
Characteristics: Natural brown hair, she was of slender build and she had given birth to at least one child, possibly up to three
Poor dental health: See update information.

At 8.00am on August 28th 1981 a man reported the discovery of the body to Ripon Police. The body was found in weeds off a country road near Sutton Bank. The man remains unknown.

 North Yorkshire Police have confirmed that the forensic analysis on the samples taken from the body of a woman known as the “Sutton Bank body” has produced a full composite DNA profile.

* All her upper teeth were missing, she had an upper dental plate fitted and she had just six lower teeth.

* A post-mortem examination showed she had given birth two or three children.
* She had a displaced septum between her nostrils.
* Her toenails were painted pink - with varnish from the Max Factor Maxi range.
* She had an abnormality to her neck vertebrae, which would have cause back-ache.
* She had an old fracture to her ankle.

If you have any information regarding this case please contact:

North Yorkshire Police 01609 789452
Contact: unidentifieduk 01212860047 Case NO: UNIDUK05 Yorkshire


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