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Monday, 30 April 2012

Karen T Taylor Workshop: Age Progression

Day 1 of Karen Taylor Workshop. Today we utilised age progression. Age progression is used when an up to date depiction of a fugitive is needed or when a person has been missing for many years. A forensic artist must develop skills in order to process this type of forensic art. Many facial feature change over the years, skin looses its youthful look, hair recedes and lips can become thinner. Most changes are fairly predictable, for example wrinkles, sagging skin, what is most important is to know the persons life style such as eating habits, did they smoke, did they drink on a regular basis all these examples will show in the face as it ages.
Another way of progressing a face is by studying parents and siblings. Do they genetically age faster, is baldness predominate in the family and at what age.

Today I aged progressed Humprey Bogart. This is a prime example of how a persons life style reflects in the face. Bogarts face had aged progressively fast making him look much older then he was.

Example age progression Dr Clyde Snow