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Sunday, 6 May 2012

2-D Facial Reconstruction

2-D facial reconstruction is a technique used to rebuild the face to a likeness of when the person was living. This technique process is used when the human remains are skeletal or the face has such trauma that it is impossible to make an identification.
In 2 dimensional reconstruction the skull is photographed with all the relevant tissues depth markers in place, tracing paper or other form of transparent paper is placed over the image of the skull, the artist then draws on the transparent paper carefully following the tissue depth markers and contours of the skull. It is very important to follow the markers and shapes in accordance to the skull, being extra vigilant to the features such as teeth, orbital shapes, nose bridges and nasal apertures.

The renderings below are images taken during my class Karen T Taylor Advanced 2-D Identification Techniques.

Copyright (C) Jane Billingham 2012

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